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Real estate maintenance

In cooperation with experienced, qualified engineers of all specialties that may be needed, our company undertakes a wide range of technical interventions to all buildings, irrespective of their use.

Moreover, our associated engineers and valuers carry out comprehensive and valid inspections to real estate properties in order to either catalogue damages or for any other reason that the situation necessitates such a service.

Indicatively, in this field our company provides among others:

  • In-situ inspection from an engineer for recording the current status.
  • Interview by experienced staff, in order to confirm both the needs and limitations from the customer’s side.
  • Presentation of our proposal and recording of any notes from the customer’s side (this stage may expand to more than one presentations).
  • Compiling of studies and presentation of the final proposal that covers all of the customer’s needs.
  • Drafting of the specifications in which a full record will be made of the project’s materials, financial details and timetable that our company undertakes.
  • Complete supervision of all teams by a qualified engineer.
  • At the implementation stage of the final study, the customer is provided with a Progress Report, so that they will have the full picture of both the project’s timetable and the budget’s control.

Building services

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