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Real estate evaluation

Having certified valuers (Expert Valuers) in our staff, who are registered in the evaluators’ table of the Ministry of Finance, HQP can reliably certify the value of any kind of real estate.

Specifically, undertakes:

  • the finding of the Market Value of real estate properties for financial reporting reasons
  • the finding of the Fair Value of real estate properties for accounting reasons
  • the finding of the Insurance Value of real estate properties for insurance reasons
  • the finding of a company’s fixed assets value for licensing/certification reasons

The methodology of the evaluations is based on the International Valuation Standards (E.V.S.), the International Accounting Standards, as these stand defined in the 9th revised edition of 2012 of TeGoVA and are carried out according to the European Valuation Applications, the A.VA.G. (Association of Greek Valuers) and the Greek Valuation Institute guidelines.

Building services

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