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Parking services

HQP FACILITY SERVICES provides high-quality services for the proper utilization and organization of its customers’ parking spaces throughout the prefecture of Attica and throughout Greece, after consultation with each customer. Because each parking lot presents different needs in the way it operates, HQP FACILITY SERVICES designs the facilities to serve the parking lots in the best possible way and offer the best and most immediate service to its customers.

Also, HQP FACILITY SERVICES can provide valet parking services with a Class D license, with many years of experience in providing these services and with the appropriate know-how to drive any vehicle. Thus, HQP FACILITY SERVICES prepares and follows a special maintenance protocol for the entire parking area of ​​its customers’ facilities, ensuring, with a view to their safety, the meeting of their expectations, the excellent quality of its services and the optimal performance of their businesses.

General purpose services

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