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The provision of high-quality services is our company’s constant goal. To that end we continuously invest in acquiring, incorporating and updating of our know-how in combination with the highly knowledgeable and fully trained staff, and the capitalization on innovative technological solutions. As the culmination of these efforts, HQP maintains a leading position in the market during the last years, developing innovative products and “building” its fame on the reliability, innovation, quality and value of its services.

Strategic aim

The fixed and strategic goal of our company is our establishment in a leading position in the field of Facility Management services providing solutions to operational issues, which are an integral part of everyday life. At the same time, HQP reassumes the role of a single smart services provider, with a view to quality meeting the specialized needs of its customers.

Administration’s commitment

The company is committed to provide high quality services, customized to the most recent market requirements.

The attainment of this goal is achieved through the coordinated efforts of the company’s Administration and executives:

  • For the fostering of a climate of responsibility and cooperation in the staff
  • For the establishment of the best organizational structure and administrative operating procedures.

The responsibility of planning the policy of quality, as well as the administrative control of its application falls under the responsibilities of the company’s General Manager.

Customer focus

The company, aided by their excellently trained executives as well as their special associated contractors:

  • Analyses and evaluates its customers’ needs.
  • Ensures that these needs conform to the current legislation, if and where it exists.
  • Converts the customers’ needs into goals.
  • Plans the attainment of the goals.

In this way, it aims to quantitatively, timely and qualitatively satisfy its customers’ needs. If, however, it is ascertained that there are complaints and/or problems after the fact, the company, through proper corrective and/or pre-emptive actions, ensures on the one hand that the customer is satisfied and on the other that the problems do not occur again.

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