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Environmental study & maintenance services

landscaping of gardens and outdoor areas

The specialized Garden & Landscape Design division of our company HQP FACILITY SERVICES undertakes to shape and/or maintain the gardens and outdoor areas of homes, businesses, and facilities by providing a full list of diverse services in the field of landscape.

Specifically, in HQP we undertake:

I. Garden Maintenance

Our company undertakes to maintain gardens, so that our partners have a beautiful and healthy garden throughout the year. The tasks we cover in garden maintenance are:

  • pruning trees and plants to the correct height,
  • pruning bushes and forming a border,
  • lawn mowing,
  • dry removal,
  • diseased branches and leaves for good ventilation and avoiding infestation by insects and diseases,
  • automatic watering control with adjustment according to weather conditions,
  • replacement of worn parts,
  • fertilizing trees, plants, and lawns to maintain their strength,
  • infestation control and disease and insect identification as well as
  • collection and cleaning of garden waste.

The work is covered by specialized agronomists and gardeners with many years of experience in the field of horticulture.

II. Construction of green projects

With the customer’s needs as a basic criterion, but also the soil-climatic conditions, in our company HQP FACILITY SERVICES we plan together the best choice, with the best materials for the exterior of professional or private spaces. At the same time, we undertake the complete configuration of the surrounding space by performing all the required work.

III. Turf installation and maintenance

The specialized staff of our company HQP FACILITY SERVICES can choose for you the best quality turf for your space. Once we assess the needs of the area, we choose the best variety and adjust the best watering, so that the lawn is always healthy. Then, we take care of its maintenance with the right haircut and the right lubrication for an excellent result throughout the year.

IV. Irrigation and drainage works

Within the services of green projects, the Design & Installation of Automatic Watering and Drainage System is also included. For our company HQP FACILITY SERVICES, the correct watering is a key factor so that the plants can absorb the right amount of water, but also for the best possible water saving. The proper drainage of the soil is also a key factor, so that there is no stagnant water in the area. It is worth noting that when undertaking a construction of a green project, the irrigation and drainage system of it is included, so that we can be as sure as possible that the result will be correct, healthy and will last if possible.

In our company HQP FACILITY SERVICES we cover all the needs of your garden, external and internal spaces in homes, hotels, cottages, business premises, restaurants, and factory facilities, having at our disposal an experienced team of agronomists and gardeners with excellent technical qualifications, so that the result is always the best for the customer.

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