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Decontamination services

Our company HQP undertakes the provision of disinfection services for buildings and business premises. This process, which aims to combat microbes such as bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa, is a service of the highest sanitary importance. Any kind of space has a high degree of risk of contamination by pathogenic microbes, which makes the above service necessary and necessary to be carried out on a regular basis.

The decontamination procedures used by HQP are:

  • cleaning, which includes the process in which dirt is removed from the surfaces and this removal is done either mechanically or chemically, using soaps, detergents and of course water. Before disinfection, the area must be prepared with cleanliness and delivered for disinfection as free from dust as possible.
  • the sanitization of the space, which is a chemical process in which the population of pathogenic microbes is reduced so much that the space is considered safe for use. This is achieved by cold fogging (cold fogging fogger), with chlorine peroxide solution analytically in all areas, with an emphasis on critical points of potential presence of microbial load. The result must be universal control of the microbial load in any such operation. The method of cold fogging or nebulization is based on the polymerization of the biocide solution, in drops of very small diameter (20-80μm), with the aim of immediately killing the microbial load on the surfaces, but also on the details of the space, furniture, etc. For these machines with such technology are characterized as ULV (Ultra Low Volume) or ultra-small volume cold nebulization devices. With the appropriate manipulations during application, the solution passes with great pressure and in the form of a cloud and leads to fast and universal coverage. The microbicide technician when applying the cold spray is protected by a full body suit, disposable gloves and gowns, as well as a full-face mask. No one can be present during or for two (2) hours after (until the cloud has stabilized and the surfaces are dry).

HQP follows specific disinfection methods, which are divided into three main categories:

  • Natural methods of disinfection, in which solar radiation, heat and pulsating vibrations are used
  • Chemical disinfection methods, in which chemical products are used
  • Physico-chemical methods of disinfection, in which the use of physical and chemical methods is combined.

Our scientific staff is immediately available to meet your every need with complete immediacy.

The disinfectants used by our company are chemical agents that kill pathogens on contact, without causing alterations or other damage to surfaces or objects. The immediate environment, including the presence of people, pets and food, is taken into account during the process of disinfection through the application of fogging. The disinfectants used are of high technology and efficiency, while they are approved by the EOF (National Medicines Organization) for use in residential areas as well as areas of health interest and for their application the Community Legislation is followed (Directive 98/8 EC) and the National Legislation (P.D. 205/2001).

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