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Building sanitation

The cleanliness of the internal and external common areas of buildings and/or business premises is for our company HQP FACILITY SERVICES an extremely serious matter. Having at its disposal permanent and specialized partners and cleaning crews with many years of experience in the field of cleaning, our company HQP FACILITY SERVICES can offer the ideal cleaning conditions.

The services of our company HQP FACILITY SERVICES are provided throughout the year, at very competitive prices, but also with ecological sensitivity since the cleaning products used are effective and friendly to the environment and people. All the procedures carried out by our company HQP FACILITY SERVICES always comply with the ISO standards that it maintains and has been certified by a global certification body to ensure the quality and value of its services.

The services provided by our company HQP FACILITY SERVICES, among others, include:

Ι. Cleaning work in indoor spaces, halls, offices, stairwells, corridors:
  • Sweeping of buildings, halls, office spaces, stairwells, corridors, window frames and office-hall doors
  • Dusting of furniture, chairs, telephone devices, PC devices
  • Emptying waste containers and replacing garbage bag
  • Emptying recycling bins
  • Mopping buildings, halls, and corridors
  • Cleaning elevator cabins
  • Sweeping and mopping staircases, washing handrails, cleaning windowsills, sweeping verandas
  • Cleaning blinds
ΙΙ. Cleaning work in sanitary areas:
  • Floor sweeping
  • Emptying waste containers
  • Disinfection and washing of sinks
  • Mirror cleaning
ΙΙΙ. Outdoor cleaning work:
  • Cleaning of exterior spaces
  • Veranda cleaning
  • Cleaning shutters, pots, handrails, and railings

At this point, it is worth mentioning that before the implementation of the cleaning process in any facility, an on-site autopsy is carried out by our competent department, so that the financial offer that will be sent to the customer by our company HQP FACILITY SERVICES is intertwined with the needs of installation, such as, for example, the number of employees who will work, the time period, the cleaning machines that will need to be used, etc.

The staff of our company HQP FACILITY SERVICES guarantees to carry out its services with consistency, diligence, speed, and professionalism. After the completion of a project, as well as monthly, an evaluation of our staff is carried out by the supervisors, while the General Manager of our company is also immediately informed of any possible deviations from the work schedule. In this way, the original planning of the execution of each project is maintained and the customer always remains satisfied with the efficiency and immediacy of our company HQP FACILITY SERVICES.

Facility services

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