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Building maintenance

Ι. Plumbing coverage

In collaboration with its permanent and specialized staff, our company HQP FACILITY SERVICES is the most ideal choice for the arrangement of plumbing issues of its customers’ facilities, whether it is for homes or business premises. Whatever the needs of a site in breakdowns, repairs and construction for building maintenance, our company HQP FACILITY SERVICES has the most immediate and reliable technical support for a wide range of plumbing work.

Specifically, our company HQP FACILITY SERVICES provides, among other things:

  • Immediate damage repair,
  • Study of the plumbing work required,
  • Maintenance of plumbing and
  • Hydraulic coverage of the premises.

The main concern of our company HQP FACILITY SERVICES is to guarantee to its customers that the plumbing issues of their facilities will be dealt with immediately and efficiently by providing them with high quality services at very affordable prices.

ΙI. Electrical services

Our company HQP FACILITY SERVICES consistently and responsibly undertakes all kinds of electrical installations required for the proper operation of a building and/or business premises. Its experienced staff has the know-how, but also the professionalism to fulfill every electrical need of an area. The materials and technical means used by our company HQP FACILITY SERVICES are of high quality, while the work schedule planned from the beginning by the company and the customer together is strictly observed.

Our company HQP FACILITY SERVICES, having a highly qualified workforce with many years of experience in the field of electrical services, can provide reliable technical coverage to every property. Our company HQP FACILITY SERVICES undertakes, among other things:

  • Carrying out a study for an integrated electrical proposal, based on the needs and requirements of the customer as well as the best cost,
  • The electrical coverage of the building or business premises,
  • The repair of any kind of electrical damage and
  • The maintenance of electrical installations
IΙI. Elevator maintenance

Our company HQP FACILITY SERVICES ensures the smooth operation of the elevators of its customers’ buildings with regular checks and maintenance. Aiming at the absolute safety and reliable operation of each elevator, the Maintenance Department of our company HQP FACILITY SERVICES monitors and checks monthly, as well as with general regular checks, the correct and smooth operation of the elevators, making sure that they follow the electrical and mechanical safety and operating provisions defined by law.

At the same time, our company HQP FACILITY SERVICES takes care of all individual components and materials, replacing those that have suffered some strain and/or premature wear.

Specifically, and among others, the experienced crews of our company HQP FACILITY SERVICES undertake tasks such as:

  • The replacement of door contacts,
  • The replacement of room lighting lamps,
  • The replacement of the door opening mechanism,
  • The repair of a broken door release mechanism,
  • The replacement of well lamps,
  • The adjustment of chamber equalization and
  • Preventive maintenance.
ΙV. Maintenance of ventilation and heating systems

HQP FACILITY SERVICES can offer specialized maintenance and repair services for any type of air conditioning, ventilation, and heating system for any type of machine. The purpose of this service is to provide preventive maintenance to the installed machines, reducing to zero the needs and costs of repairs.

The services provided are:

  • Maintenance and repair of air conditioning systems
  • Maintenance and repair of air cleaning systems
  • Maintenance and repair of heating systems

Our specially trained and specialized staff, as well as our external partners, due to their many years of experience, are for our company HQP FACILITY SERVICES the key to success and the continuous increase of our clientele satisfied with our services.

Facility services

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