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Building construction

HQP, active in the field of building projects, is a modern and innovative choice in its sector, at project design and construction. It is a company staffed by specialized professionals who undertake, consistently and immediately, to carry out a number of technical works, renovations and constructions. 

The goal of HQP executives  is to offer their customers building constructions that meet their needs and requirements. HQP undertakes with professionalism modern homes with a unique design based on individual needs, to build according to the requirements of its customers, the house of their dreams.

To achieve the above goal, the company selects with care and a sense of responsibility, both its technical staff and partners as well as its suppliers.

 HQP is able to offer its customers, in summary, the following:

  • Architectural design
  • Ergonomics & functionality of building structures
  • Excellent build quality
  • Excellent cooperation with the customer for any modifications
  • Planning a schedule for the execution of tasks

 HQP, with its highly trained staff, is active in the field of design, construction and supervision of private projects with consistency and professionalism.

Part of HQP‘s projects  concern:

  • Detached Houses (Permanent or Holiday Home), Apartment Buildings or Organized Residential Complexes
  • Shops (FnB or non-FnB)
  • Professional spaces (Craft – Industrial)
  • Interior and exterior decoration studies
  • Renovations, Restorations and Repairs of all use spaces

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