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Disinfection & rodenticide services

Disinfestation and myocicide by HQP

Ι. Disinfection

The disinfestation procedures used by HQP are:

  • Sprays with cold or hot spray devices. In these methods, the solutions take the form of cloud droplets (nebula) or smoke. In the way this covers surfaces and inaccessible points (cracks, points in height) universally
  • Application of insecticides in the form of powder (effects) or granules
  • Residual sprays with low pressure sprayers or spray machines
  • Use of insecticides in the form of baits with attractive properties for pests. The baits are placed in appropriate places, near the hearths or in places parasite crossing
  • Smoking, which often occurs in cereal warehouses (silos), in ships carrying food and in the fight against wood-eating insects.

Finally, it is necessary to mention that all preparations used for disinfestation is approved by the Ministry of Rural Development and the application their land follows the Regulations EC 852/2004 and EC 178/2002 on Hygiene Food. Disinfectants comply with the principles of the system HACCP for food safety.

ΙΙ. Rodenticide

As the mice are:

  • moving outbreaks of infection with greater risk to public health and the economy worldwide,
  • carriers of pathogenic microorganisms with great reproductive abilities,
  • cause of death for a plethora of people worldwide and
  • with their existence challenging the image of a business or company,

HQP considers that rodenticide is a service of the utmost importance and responsibility, which must be carried out at regular intervals and based on legal and scientific specifications.

In this context, it is necessary to note that our company HQP always applies methods for micturition fully harmonized with HACCP and pursuant to Directive 93/43 of European Union.

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