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Building maintenance

Ι. Plumbing coverage

In cooperation with its permanent and specialised staff, HQP constitutes the most ideal choice for addressing plumbing issues of residences and business spaces. Trust our company, whatever your property’s needs are in terms of damages, repairs and maintenance, and enjoy the most immediate and reliable technical support for a very wide range of plumbing operations.

Specifically we provide to you:

  • Immediate damage repair
  • Maintenance of the plumbing installations of the building or residence
  • Plumbing coverage for your spaces
  • Study for the plumbing operations that are required in your building or installation.
ΙI. Electrical services

HQP undertakes with punctuality and responsibility all kinds of electrical installations that are required for the proper function of a building or business space. Our company’s experienced staff possesses the know-how and professionalism to meet any electrical need that you might have. The material and technical means that we use are of high quality, while the timetable that we jointly draft is strictly adhered to.

Our company undertakes:

  • your building’s or business space electrical coverage
  • the repair of damages
  • the maintenance of your electrical installations
  • the compilation of a study for a complete proposal regarding the electrical installation, which is based on reliability and low cost.
IΙI. Elevator maintenance

We safeguard the proper functioning of the elevators in your building through regular checks and maintenance. With the total safety and reliable operation of every elevator as their guiding light, HQP’s Maintenance Department monitors and checks on a monthly basis, but also through regular general checks, the proper and unimpeded functioning of your installations’ elevators, making sure they conform to the electrical and mechanic safety and operation regulations, as provided by law.

At the same time, HQP takes care of all parts and materials, replacing any that have been subjected to any strain or untimely wear.

Specifically, our experienced teams undertake, among others, operations such as:

  • Replacement of door contacts
  • Replacement of the elevator cars’ lamps
  • Replacement of the door-opening mechanism
  • Repair of a broken door-disengaging mechanism
  • Replacement of the elevator well’s lamps
  • Calibrating the elevator car’s balance
  • Pre-emptive maintenance.
ΙV. Maintenance of ventilation and heating systems

HQP can offer specialized maintenance and repair services any type of air conditioning, ventilation and heating system for any type of machine. The purpose of this service is to provide preventive maintenance on the installed machinery by reducing to zero the needs and the cost of repair.

The services provided are:

  • The maintenance and repair of air conditioning systems
  • The maintenance and repair of air purification systems
  • Maintenance and repair of heating systems.

Facility services

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